Last Updated 15 January 2021


1. Personal information collected

Personal information may be collected from you when visiting our website, using our services, submitting website feedback, or placing a web order via our online ordering system. The personal information collected could include your name, address, phone numbers (including mobile number), email address, details of credit cards used for payment. We only collect information that you have voluntarily entered in the website.


2. What we do with the information

The information collected may be required by Us to process and approve an online order, conduct market research, send promotional material, and respond to your requests.


3. Online ordering

Use of our online ordering system requires information to be obtained from you to process your order, and verify payment if making payment by credit card. The information stored enables us to remember your details which will benefit you in future orders, and remember previous orders for re-ordering. When ordering online and paying by credit card, your card details are processed and securely stored with a third party providing credit card processing services. The details are not stored with us. Incomplete details may be printed on order dockets for identification and processing of an online order.


4. Accuracy and security

We will take reasonable steps not to lose, misuse or allow unauthorised access to the information collected. We will allow you to access your information at any time or delete any information upon request. Such requests and access must be directed to our Contact Address info@3blackbears.com.au and will be subject to verification.


5. Credit card details

Your credit card details may be required in order to process the value of your online order on our secure website through your Visa or MasterCard. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.


6. Cookies

A cookie is a unique code that may be sent to your machine by our website. Our website uses cookies to assist in recognising you when re-visiting and accessing different pages. Cookies can be erased from your hard drive, blocked or a warning given before storing cookies. Your ability to place an order will not be affected by disabling cookies. Our cookies do not contain viruses, or retrieve any data from your hard drive.


7. Questions

Any questions regarding our Privacy Policy can be directed to info@3blackbears.com.au.